Ziepod Beta 0.99.9

Eclectic podcast receiver and player

Ziepod is an easy-to-use toolkit to reach and manage audio-based content published through podcasts. Ziepod offers very configurable user interface with 4 visual modes. Each mode transforms Ziepod into a different shape. You can search and start to listen to podcasts in a second from inside Ziepod. No need to waste your time by opening additional windows.

When time comes to playing, Ziepod becomes a podcast player ... nothing more. Ziepod allows you to rate podcast episodes while playing. And even if Ziepod is not on sight, you can keep yourself up-to-date thanks to its 'Popup Notifier'.

Here is what Ziepod offers in short:

  • Easily subscribe to podcasts and get notified about new episodes
  • Directly listen to podcast episodes or download them
  • Search episodes on the Internet fast without touching your browser
  • Rate episodes and reach quality podcasts and episodes



Ziepod Beta 0.99.9

User reviews about Ziepod

  • gkrmbl

    by gkrmbl

    "Can't live without"

    This thing is dicontinued since 2007 and I still (2016) install it on any new PC of mine. Amazing..   More.